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Polarys is a trusted cybersecurity advisory providing innovative cybersecurity solutions to secure corporate digital transformation projects

Our Story

Polarys founders, Mike and Hemed, faced a hard truth as cybersecurity managers. The organisations they were working for expected the best results in unrealistic deadlines, the required skills were not available internally and externally. The budget was never an issue, the problem was that the skill was just not available.

The cybersecurity skills gap is a fact of life but this shouldn’t hold organisations back from securing their business or their customers’ data.

Polarys was founded to supply the kind of managed services and turnkey solution which are hard to come by. We bring our best capabilities in strategic design team building and project execution to excel your security team performance.

Our Solutions

When it comes to technology transformation, a lot of organizational resources are at stake. When you plan a transformation, you must make crucial cybersecurity considerations.

Our team has proven track records in leading strategic projects.

Secure SDDC Transformation​

Take advantage of all virtual infrastructures to modernize your security arsenal.

Secure SDLC Automation ​

Optimize to a repeatable and automated as possible process that consistently produce secure software.

Secure Cloud Migration ​

Leverage Cloud Service Providers advanced security features and securely move your workloads to the cloud.


Digital Transformation Security​

Optimize to a repeatable and automated as possible process that consistently produce secure software.


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Hemed Gur Ary

Hemed is a creative thinker with a unique outlook of the cybersecurity landscape. In previous senior roles, he managed security programs and professional teams in large, security sensitive organizations. Hemed excels in leading change by setting an example. His management style fosters collaboration which leads to great team successes. With 13 years of industry experience his technical know-how is extensive and he truly understands business requirements.


Mike Partush

Mike leads digital transformation projects, implementing cutting edge security concepts and technologies, ensuring innovative business and strong controls. From Data Center transforming Software Defined via Secure Cloud Migration to API economy secure transformation and Containers/Multi-Cloud Security Orchestration. Mike is a seasoned manager and cybersecurity expert with over 10 years of experience in finance, high-tech, government and defense.

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